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About The Author

Hi, my name is Gin Ng Khin Wee. You can call me Gin. ; )

I strongly believe that academic achievements doesn't link to personal / financial success.

Therefore after graduating from my secondary school in Malaysia , I travel all the way to Singapore to work and find my bridge that will lead me to financial success and personal success.

After I lost my retail job during Sept 17 2007, I struggle financially and the precious lesson that I learnt is  “Being successful in Rat Race will bring me no way in life as I have no control over my financial security.” I glad that I learn this lesson in my early stage of life. So I gradually pick myself up from there and take control over my own life.

This is where I learn a lot after my mindset changed from an employee mindset into the investor mindset. I attend countless seminar and take massive action towards my personal success. Today I'm a full time investor and infopreneur and I can't stress this enough. No matter what background you came from, you can be as successful as you dream as long you take action!



Ok, the reason why I started is because I have a mission in life. I want to help people realize that they have the power to pursue their dreams in life! I've witnessed many friends, colleagues and people struggle in life. They blame others for their failure and scare to pursue their dream due to lack of confidence and knowledge. So I was thinking so set up to share stories, tips and quote that can help people break through their obstacle or self doubt they have in life and boldly go after their dream! I hope my story inspires and resonate with you . In order for me to help you better, I'm giving away my FREE Dream Accelerator eBook (worth $47) to empower you the strength to accelerate your dream! Just sign up at the upper right column to get my book. With that I shall leave you with the last quote that motivate me daily, which is my Big “WHY” !

To your continues success!


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